Ventilation / climate control

Humidity = comfort at home

Proper air humidity (water vapor in the air) in enclosed spaces should be within the range of 30-65% (relative humidity). The optimum air humidity in which human feels is the best is 40-60%. This humidity is not only for human health but also for clothes, floors, furniture and books. The air humidity in homes should not be less than 30%.
Water vapor is generated during activities such as bathing, cooking, washing, parking a wet car in the garage. Then the humidity increases and the hygienic conditions deteriorate, creating conditions for the growth of fungi and mold in the room.


With the humidity sensor, you can measure the level of steam on a regular basis. The sensor is wireless so you can put it in best place to respond quickly to humidity changes. The measurement can be used for automatic control and notification, for example:

– control of the fan in the bathroom, kitchen, garage in case of humidity increase,

– low humidity alert to activate the humidifier,

– notification about high humidity resulting from, for example, ventilation failure.


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