Alarm system

Experience and innovation

Burglary is a violation of our privacy, and the destruction of the sense of home fire.

We want to feel safe, comfortable and do not worry about your house or car.

At the same time, nobody wants to remember the vastness of unreadable functions, the meaning of blinking lights or illegible codes.

This is now a standard which we have introduced as the first in Poland in 2010, namely a readable and intuitive touch panel graphic dedicated to operating the alarm system.

We also provide full support via mobile applications.

Self-service is not everything, therefore, based on many years of experience, we have designed a professional and effective alarm system, which for your convenience we added building automation features.

Our solutions have also been recognized by security professionals, our OptimaGSM system has been awarded the Gold Medal of the International Security Fair SECUREX 2016.

The MTP Gold Medal is distinguished by its modern, innovative and high technology products.

Indyvidual fit

Apartment, home, office – no problem we offer huge configuration possibilities and a range of additional accessories and extensions.

Ask the installer and you will definitely find the solution for you.

You do not have the installation – we offer the possibility of extension of the wireless elements (Aero system) and communication technology of 230V SmartPLC network.

  See information about Aero.

See information about the system SmartPLC

That what makes us diffrent

          Full integration with built-in GSM notification so you have complete information about what is going on in your home.

          Communication via web or WIFI, management via dedicated mobile applications or built-in WebServer (works on any computer, tablet or smartphone with web browser (HTML5)).

            The ability to send e-mail.

          Not all homeowners like the app – no problem, you can also use voice notifications.

                  Possibility of quick control during the call (sequence of numbers on the phone keypad).

                    Rapid alarm verification via MMS.

                    Readable and comfortable to use.

      Control of climate.

                    Logic functions for home automation.

See how it works

Click on icons or phone menu.

  • Arm the alarm Alarm armed
  • Alarm - living room
  • Smoke / fire detected

See possibilities our systems


Test our mobile aps



Download a program dedicated to your system:




Add the object and configure it as follows:

User code (4 characters): 5555
TCP / IP Password: 1234567890123456
External IP address: or
External port: 8888