Barrier control

Need control andsupervision for a large number of users?

The MultiGSM terminal will be the best, it supports up to 1000 users.

You can use your phone instead of the remote control.

You are dialing a special GSM module number, system is verifying it and then activating barrier control output. Simple and fast.

Control is possible by:

  • Calling (CLIP)
  • SMS,
  • mobile apps,
  • DTMF codes.

You also receive the ability to send information to users via SMS or mobile application.



To manage user numbers, you can use a dedicated mobile application,

or an application running on a Windows computer.



See possibilities our systems


Test our mobile apps



Download a program dedicated to your system:




Add the object and configure it as follows:

User code (4 characters): 5555
TCP / IP Password: 1234567890123456
External IP address: or
External port: 8888