Heating control

Intelligent temperature control in single family homes can be a source of significant savings for owners.

However, the commonly used thermostats on the market have several disadvantages that significantly reduce their usefulness.

Belong to them:

  • No possibility of remote change of temperature, eg when returning from winter holidays and dreaming of returning to a warm house.
  • No response for that are the homeowners are at home or not, using such of information gives additional financial benefits.
  • Not an intuitive interface that forces the user to perform “magic” sequences of keystrokes for eg changing the time or lowering the temperature.

Integrated solution

Our system uses technologies that give you adwantage!

  • Integration with alarm function, automatic temperature reduction when the system is armed.


  • Uses information from alarm detector¬†about whether someone is inside room, eg reduce temperature in living room in night mode.


  • Controlling two independent heating zones, such as a ground floor and 1st floor,


  • Notification (via SMS, voice call, e-mail) of emergency situations, eg dangerous temperature reduction at home during our absence,


  • Low cost solution, thermostat is built into an alarm system for which you have already paid!

Intuitive control

Graphical and clear user interface using both dedicated touch panels and mobile applications – without leaving the bed. ūüôā

The ability to control the temperature at home from anywhere in the world.

See how it works

Click on the phone menu and change the temperature.

21.0 °C
20.0 °C 5.0 °C

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