Gates control

The remote opening of the garage, entry gates and the disarming of the alarm system usually boils down to the heroic struggle of several pilots to each door to disarming the alarm system.


These are activities that can be automated!


With one radio remote control or mobile application, you can automate door opening and disarming by simply pressing a button on the remote control or in the application together with our system intelligence!


Convenient control

You can operate the remote control with any door or with one press the system will perform a number of actions (eg disarming the alarm and opening the door).

You forgot the pilot or you do not want to remember him!

Nothing wrong the full control is also available from the smartphone.

See how it works

Click on the phone menu and you will be able to control it.

See possibilities of our systems


Test our mobile apps



Download a program dedicated to your system:




Add the object and configure it as follows:

User code (4 characters): 5555
TCP / IP Password: 1234567890123456
External IP address: or
External port: 8888