About us

Ropam Elektronik was established in 2003.

The core business of the company is the design and manufacture of electronic devices.

Ropam Elektronik puts great emphasis on the quality and functionality of its equipment from the very beginning, so all stages of production are meticulously controlled, starting from the selection of the component supplier and functional testing.

The entire production process is based on our own production capacity, which includes departments of: construction, programming, SMT assembly, final assembly and testing of equipment.

Our products from concept to finish are entirely based on authoritative solutions and in-depth analysis of market needs and trends.

Ropam Elektronik offers several innovative and distinctive solutions.

Ropam Elektronik’s products and solutions are valued by installers and users, and are driven by continuous product development, reliability and technical support.

Thanks to the extensive sales network based on local authorized distributors, the products are easily available for installation companies and customers.

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4 years warranty


We care about the quality of our products and about the calm and satisfaction of our customers.

That’s why we extend the warranty for up to 4 years.

Terms of renewal for 4 years:
• delivery and assembly of our equipment by a recommended installation company
• to file a complaint need to include proof of sale and installation of the system from mentioned company
• the warranty for the equipment will be extended by 2 years, which means a total of 2 + 2 years

Our innovative solutions have been rewarded!

OptimaGSM System received the Gold Medal of the International Security Fair SECUREX 2016.
This is a prestigious award given by a team of experts, including prominent security experts.
The MTP Gold Medal is distinguished by its modern, innovative and high technology products.