Integration with the TV system (IP cameras)

Cameras – "eyes of the system"

Cameras and video surveillance are becoming standard also in homes and apartments.

This is a natural development of alarm systems, because the image allows us to convey a lot of information about what is going on or save what was happening in our absence.

Usually, no-one watches live video or watches every day, so it’s important that alarms or exceptions are caught and relayed to the people concerned.


Connecting the control panel to the DVR or IP cameras gives you such capabilities and more!

As a result you can get:

  • E-MAIL or MMS with photo from the camera at the alarm moment,
  • MMS notification with a photo from the camera even if the object does not have internet access (MMS via the control panel modem),
  • intrusion detection, fire alarm, PET detectors, intrusion into property,
  • view photos from cameras on request in the app on your phone,
  • control and alarm when damaged camera, wiring, etc.
  • checks and notifications when accident of camera, disk, power, etc.
  • better quality recording or with an ‘alarm’ tag when the control panel detects intrusion, sabotage,
  • EMAIL notification with recording / picture from DVR at alarm time.

See how this works

Click on icons or phone menu.

  • Arm the alarm Alarm armed
  • Alarm - living room
  • Smoke / fire detected

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Add the object and configure it as follows:

User code (4 characters): 5555
TCP / IP Password: 1234567890123456
External IP address: or
External port: 8888