Automatic lighting

   Simple and convenient

Light on a driveway automatically turns on when it is dark and the presence detector is violated or you open the door.

  Intuitive control

You can turn on the light at any time by using the touch panel for alarms or mobile applications from your phone or tablet.

Protection and automation

Because our solution is primarily an alarm system, light can also be triggered when an alarm is detected. This will allow the intruder to be seen from afar and to draw more attention from the neighbors.


You haven`t done installation, there is no possibility to put connection control cables? There is a solution!
Communication using only 230V AC power line.

Check out our technology SmartPLC.

Intuitive control

Not everyone likes total automation, lighting can also be controlled manually using: applications, touch panels, switches.

One touch and you can turn on the selected scene.

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See how this works

Click the sensor icon or on the phone menu.

Test our mobile apps



Download a program dedicated to your system:




Add the object and configure it as follows:

User code (4 characters): 5555
TCP / IP Password: 1234567890123456
External IP address: or
External port: 8888

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